Ben Tre – The Land Of Coconuts

Known as the country of coconuts, Ben Tre not only makes tourists immerse themselves in peaceful natural beauty but also brings chances to discover unique cuisine and culture of this land with an abundance of fascinating opportunities for curious tourists.

Topography and Climate

Ben Tre is a picturesque little province in southern Vietnam, located at the end of Mekong River. With only about 80km far from Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Tre is the good place for tourists to escape from the bustle and hustle of modern life. Ben Tre is generally flat with some sand dunes and unique rock formations. As a place of the diverse system of rivers, canals, arroyos, the land here is really fertile. The weather in Ben Tre is typical for weather of tropical area with average temperature about 26°C to 27°C and two main seasons: rainy season begins in May and lasts until October while dry season from November till April. With the affordable and pleasant of land and climate, Ben Tre is a perfect place for planting fruit-trees and relaxing.


Traveling to Ben Tre, tourists cannot miss Con Phung (Phoenix Islet), one of the most attractive places there. The popular activity for travelers is boating along small channels to enjoy the beautiful water coconut palms. Con Phung is also known as the Hillock of Coconuts where you can see the processing of making Keo Dua (coconut candies in English) and taste them free. Produce by boiling sticky coconuts goo then rolling it out and slicing sections into squares. You can buy unique handicraft products made from coconut materials such as sandals, bed lamps, bowls, combs or chopsticks. Besides coconuts, with the favor of nature, Ben Tre is also the land of other special fruits, Cai Mon orchard is the most famous orchards in Ben Tre, also known as the cradle of Southern fruits, you easily find various types of tropical fruits like sweet mango, durian, longan, custard-apple, mangosteen, pomelo and many different kinds. After that, tourists can visit Phu Le temple, the biggest and the most beautiful temple in Ben Tre. This temple was built during Ming Mang period, located in the large area, under the shades of many perennials honoring the prestige of the temple. One feature tourists can’t miss while discovering Ben Tre is cuisine. Some amazing delicacies here are My Long girdle cake, grilled banana, Phu Le rice alcohol, Pong tom Son Doc (prawn crackers).


It’s not difficult to buy a bus ticket from any bus stations in Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces to Ben Tre with just four or five dollars and the trip will take 1.5 to 2 hours. For those who have adventured soul, going to Ben Tre with motor is a brilliant idea, but you should avoid peak hours – 6 to 8 o’clock. Moreover, from My Tho tourists can take boat trips to there, it definitely brings surprising feelings of traveling in the milk coffee-colored river between water palms and lush orchards.